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In today's rapidly changing world, keeping up with the latest information, technology, and trends is essential to staying competitive and successful.

If you want some development NOW or you simply want to complete training on your own timetable, our self-study, online courses are ideal.

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Learn how to significantly reduce your training design time by harnessing the power of ChatGPT to do the heavy lifting.

This course uses the 5 Ds of training design to take you step-by-step through the principles of good training design and shows you how to leverage the latest technology to make it quicker, easier and less stressful without compromising quality.

It's a pick n mix style course so you can do what you want, when you want, to start saving time NOW. Free up your evenings and weekends, get more time to focus on training, facilitating and coaching, and maximise the value of your TIME.

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This course will allow you to follow a simple process to get great content out of your head and scope out a training course that will deliver results.


This course provides the essential skills and strategies you need to design and deliver effective virtual training that engages and inspires your learners.


This course will show you how to define your learning objectives, decide on your content, select the right training methods, and create your training outline


This course will show you how to create an engaging training event that maximises learning and encourages the application of that learning in the workplace.


Good training design is a mixture of art and science, and MASTER brings these together perfectly to design an engaging and impactful training session.


Well-crafted session plans are the most crucial thing to design for any live training event. This course shows you how to create effective training session plans that maximise learning, AND save you time.

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