MASTER Your Training Design

Good training design is a mixture of art and science, and MASTER brings these together perfectly.  So if you want to design an engaging and impactful training session, but you haven’t got weeks to put it together, follow this process, add your own flourishes, and you will be able to QUICKLY design a live training session that is high on engagement AND high on impact.

Good Training Design Is A Mixture Of Science & Art

You may be an experienced facilitator who’s never designed your own workshops before, and want to deliver maximum impact in limited time. Perhaps you’re a speaker who wants to make sessions more interactive, or a subject matter expert who is expected to train others?

No matter what your starting point, you want to design a session to get across maximum content in limited time AND keep everyone engaged, AND design it QUICKLY.

If you want to:

Design ENGAGING live training Help your training to TRANSFER and be EFFECTIVE Keep INTERACTION high without losing focus
Create a session that has enough VARIETY to appeal to everyone

Then look no further, because this short course, based on accelerated learning principles will help to to design a well-structured workshop that maximises learning.

But this isn’t about the theory – in fact it’s very theory-light. In the course I share how I’ve used it when designing training for dozens of clients and provides specific examples of what each stage means in practice.

Included with the course are downloadable worksheets to capture your learning and act as a quick-start guide when you design your next training course. There's also a summary workbook that you can use as a reference tool to plan future workshops.

"I completed this course with the intention of it being a "Memory Jogger". I was pleased to find that the content was more detailed and richer than I was expecting, with lots of practical application content with the downloads. The workbook was well designed, looked great, and really practical to use for my future design work. I highly recommend the work Sheridan has done and I'll certainly be back for more"


What's Included?


Comprehensive video tutorials that explain the MASTER approach for training design in a clear and concise manner, allowing you to see and hear the concepts in action.


Downloadable checklists and worksheets specifically designed to help you apply the MASTER approach to your training design. These materials are an excellent resource for reinforcing your learning and ensuring that you are applying the concepts correctly.


Practical exercises designed to help you apply your learning straight away, so that you can practice the concepts in a real-world context, to solidify your understanding and build your confidence.


Editable and re-usable workbook that you can use to track your progress and revisit the concepts at any time. Reviewing the material as often as you need helps to reinforce your understanding and improve your retention of the concepts, a valuable resource for your ongoing learning and development.

Course Contents

Everything You Need To Know To
MASTER Your Training Design
For Just

"I loved so much about this course! The clear and clean layout, the well-chosen quotes which helped me to really 'get' what the next section was about, Sheridan's lovely calm voice and clear explanations with examples, the downloadable worksheets - just everything! It's good to know that I've been doing so much right, and I do love a good process. This really has been a good investment and boosted my confidence in my own training design as well as giving me ideas for my next project."

GAYLE - Freelance Trainer


There’s just over an hours worth of video tutorials which you can watch at your own pace. You don’t need to complete it all in one go, and you can revisit lessons as often as you like. 

Absolutely! You can draw on all your experience and understand why certain approaches work better than others and build that in to your future courses in a more planned and robust way.

Yes, but I recommend that you start with Design Training in 6 Simple Steps. This course is an excellent follow on from that one.

No – the course is for you to use as you see fit. It’s not about passing a test, it’s about discovering how to design quality training quickly.

No – because there is no test, there’s no accreditation

MASTER assumes a live audience with real-time interaction, though that interaction might be virtual. It can be helpful for designing e-learning too, but I discuss the concepts from the position of designing a live training event.

I’m afraid not. Please watch the two first lessons to make sure it’s going to be right for you, and contact me if you have any further questions.

The course is a self-directed course, but you can ask any questions you have in the Training Designer’s Club Facebook group. Or become a VIP and get easy access to me and other L&D professionals when you need it.

Take Your Training To The Next Level

All the guidance you need to MASTER your training design for just £59!