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It's important that learning becomes a HABIT, that's why we run regular LIVE events each month to keep our training design skills honed and explore new ideas in a fun and engaging way, surrounded by like-minded people who share our passion for development.

When we're already pushed for time, it can be challenging to commit to lengthy courses or programs which is why our programme of live learning is designed to be bite-sized sessions that fit into your busy schedule.

You can pay as you go, or ensure that you don't miss a thing by buying an annual pass for our monthly Lunch n Learn sessions.

What's Coming Up?

In-Person Events

Join us on Monday 17th June in Warrington where we'll be exploring how we can "Engage the heart" through training design.

WE know that good content is just a part of what makes good training design. Content on it's own won't change behaviour or motivate people to put learning into action. We need to engage, involve and inspire people too - and that should be built into the very fabric on whatever learning event we create.  

During our day together we'll explore different ideas, share experience and come away with practical ways to engage learners through the whole of their learning journey.

Online Sessions

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