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A good training session relies on good training design. But training design isn't always easy.

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How To Guides...

A series of 32 straightforward, no-nonsense guides to help you to get on with the job of creating great L&D solutions.

Perfect when you don't have time to read a book, or take a course or work it out for yourself.

31 Ways To Develop People With Limited Time & Budget

These days, most L&D Managers have to deliver practical effective training to their organisation in an agile way that is robust, personalised and bite-size on a teeny tiny budget. It’s difficult... but not impossible. In this guide, I share ideas that can help you to deliver great learning cost effectively and without having to work 60 hours a week

A Practical Guide To
Designing Great Training

This e-book will help you to design quality training by taking a structured approach. It follows a logical, step-by-step method and suggests what should be considered at each stage.

Although it is written from the perspective of designing face-to-face training, most of the principles apply equally well to other forms of learning design.

A Practical Guide To
Facilitating Great Training

This e-book is written from a PRACTICAL perspective, although you will learn a little about some of the theory that supports good practice. The aim is to provide you with a practical handbook that you can dip in and out of, and use as necessary.

With 63 pages, including how to prepare an event, trouble-shooting and flexible techniques that can be used in multiple situations, this guide is a must for all facilitators.

Design & Facilitate Great Training BUNDLE

If you're interested in both designing and facilitating great training, you can now purchase both ebooks together and receive a discount.

By purchasing both guides together, not only will you get a great deal, but you will be fully equipped to design and deliver exceptional training.

A Practical Guide To
Evaluating Training

A Practical Guide To
Induction Training

21 Things To Ask When Taking A Design Brief

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