If you're a busy L&D professional, especially one who has got some experience, you're still going to come across challenges that are new to you, OR that you haven't done for a long time. Text books and online courses talk the theory and ‘macro’ level, but they can be a bit of an overkill, especially when you're pressed for time.  When you’re tasked with researching and designing a training solution for actual people in a real organisation where the outcomes matter, you need to get it done NOW, not in a few weeks time.

That’s where the Training Designer’s Club comes in. It’s not about learning theory or discussing ideal situations – it’s about helping real-world practitioners get the job done.

Here are 33 practical, no nonsense guides that can be used to kick start or sense check your approach to all aspects of training design and L&D practice. They aren’t sequential – the idea is that you can pick ‘n’ mix to get the guidance you want when you want it so that you can create great L&D solutions.

Get The Guidance That You Want When You Want it

Each Guide contains 6-20 practical actions to take to help you to nail that particular skill quickly and put it straight into practice.  

AND every time I add a new guide, you’ll get access to it automatically!  

Each guide is a short checklist - not a video that you have to sit through and try to remember the key points. It's all there is black and white. Nice and straightforward.

Go straight to the one you want, use it to guide your practice, and BOOM! You're done.

No Fluff, No Unnecessary Text,
Just Practical Assistance At Your Fingertips
For Just

What's Included?

Take Your Training To The Next Level

All the guidance you need to create great training for just £49!