Get 1:1 Support

Do you ever find yourself stuck for ideas, going around in circles, second-guessing yourself or just lacking confidence when designing training?

When you work alone on training design, it’s easy to lose your way. Having someone to help untangle your brain, kick-start your thinking, share a different perspective, or act as a second pair of eyes to review your work can be incredibly helpful.

1:1 sessions allow you to tap into expert guidance to scope out your solution, put in the finishing touches, make it more interactive or simply enhance the content, whist still retaining FULL CONTROL.  

Get 1:1 Support How You Need It,
When You Need It

Whether you design learning and development at a strategic level, or are firmly rooted in the creation of session plans and learning resources, working 1:1 with an experienced training designer will help to shape the design of your training events, spark new ideas or a fresh perspective, and if you are short on time, make sure that you get it right first time.

1:1 sessions are ideal if you want to:

  • SCOPE OUT a session or programme 
  • REVIEW something you've designed and make suggestions 
  • REFRESH some training 
  • IMPROVE a session or programme via a fresh pair of eyes 
  • Find ALTERNATIVE ways of doing things 
  • REPURPOSE or convert training 
  • Put together a PROPOSAL 

Design Kickstarter

If you need to get ideas out of your head and into a workable structure, or you have an idea about what you want to cover, but keep going around in circles. Perhaps you have drafted your design, but feel it isn’t quite right, or you want to tap into someone else's ideas as well as your own just need to cut your design time then Design Kickstarter is just what you need.

An initial call will discuss exactly what you're trying to achieve, clarify your objectives/outcomes,  prioritise your content, and discuss the best approach. I will then take your brief, combine it with my own knowledge and experience to create a detailed outline that meets your needs. You can then use this to put in front of stakeholders to progress your project and expand it into a full session plan including detailed instructions (if needed) or simply use as a guide to create your slides/exercises.

And I will usually turn this around in 48 hours, so if you're short on time and want to show progress, it's the ideal solution.

Design Coaching

There may be occasions where you have a design challenge that requires a little more in-depth attention, perhaps it's urgent or confidential, outside of your scope of expertise, or you just need to turn it around as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Training Designers' Club is a network of highly experienced learning design associates who can be matched to deal with your particular challenge, so rest assured that you together we can provide exactly the support that you need.


For general 1-1 coaching, I charge £175 per hour (£125 to VIP members). Prices are subject to VAT.

Put simply, it's working with an experienced training designer to shape the design of your training events. While you can buy 1-1s by the hour if that's all that you need, I find that a package of 4 hours is suitable in most cases.  The FIRST session allows us to discuss the brief and scope a solution, the SECOND and THIRD provide the time to work on the content with you, and the FOURTH is dedicated to reviewing.
A 4-hour package can be arranged at the discounted rate of £500 (£400 for VIP members) and you can take them in any way you like: 4 separate hours, two sets of two or any combination.

It depends on what we are creating. For this service I base costs on the event that that we are outlining.
- Co-creation of a bite-size workshop (half a day or less) costs £500
- Creation of a detailed outline for full-day workshop is £750.  

Prices are subject to VAT and VIP members get 20% off.

Remember that this service offers a fast turnaround and you get everything I produce in editable format, so it will really speed up your design.

Creating slides and workbooks is NOT included in the scope of my 1:1 work. It's not my area of genius and to be honest, you can hire a VA at a lower price to do that for you if it's needed.

If you'd like the opportunity to discuss design challenges and get ideas, help or feedback on a regular basis, then becoming a VIP Member of the Training Designers' Club is ideal. For a faction of the cost of a 1:1 session you'll get access to weekly Designer Drop-In sessions and access to a network of highly experienced learning design associates included in the membership fee. Then, if you feel that a particular project needs a little more in-depth attention, you can always book some 1:1 time.

Otherwise, I'm happy to just book a 1-off session to help to untangle your brain.

Yes! One of the many benefits of becoming a VIP Member is discounted 1:1 sessions.

Get Preferential Booking & Discounted 1:1 Sessions When You Become A VIP

Becoming a VIP member is a smart choice for anyone who is looking to invest in their personal and professional development. As a VIP member, you will gain access to exclusive discounts on paid-for resources and personal development courses. This means that you can save money while still gaining access to high-quality educational materials and training programs that can help you acquire new skills and advance your career.