Training Tools

A good training session relies on good training design.  But training design isn't always easy.

The purpose of The Training Designers' Club is to make training design quicker, easier and less stressful for busy L&D professionals, and one of the ways that we do that is by testing and reviewing training tools and resources so that you don't have to waste precious time and funds.

Here's a small selection of some of our favourite training tools to help you

If You Want Creative Inspiration For Your Training Design...

Unlock your creativity with The Transform Deck - A practical tool to help you to transform learning content into engaging activities, and freshen up your training design.

The deck includes 45 activity types in five suits, together with seven instruction cards detailing new ways to combine, lay out, and play with the cards to transform your learning. Each provide a way to take content and transform it into a different kind of activity so you’ll never deliver boring content again!

Whether you're a trainer, instructional designer, educator, or anyone else involved with creating and delivering learning experiences, the transform deck will help you create memorable, enjoyable and effective experiences for your learners.

If You're Keen To Introduce Creativity Into Your Virtual Facilitation...

Deckhive is a versatile card-based toolkit designed to work in the virtual space.

Different cards inspire different thinking and can be used in a wide range of different ways to unlock thinking, open up communication or build teams. Useful in one-to-one coaching situations as well as group sessions, it's a fantastic way to get people engaged quickly, easily and in a meaningful way.

If you want to create session plans more quickly, or maybe collaborate with other designers in real time, take a look at SessionLab.

Not only is it a brilliant way to edit, amend and track changes easily, it comes with hundreds of ready-written exercises that you can include and templates to get you started.  

Kick start your training design and never get confused by version control again!

Take a look at my video that shows how I use it, and trial it for yourself HERE

As trainers, we know how impactful a well-chosen and facilitated game can be. Including games in live training events not only makes the learning memorable, but it also engages people and helps them to discover important learning points for themselves making learning so much more powerful.

But designing your own game is complicated and time-consuming. That’s why buying them in from a reputable provider like Northgate makes sense. They have a wide range of activities for face to face and virtual training sessions.

Why not browse their catalogue?

AND if you use discount code TDC5 you’ll get 5% off too!

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