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Are you interested in becoming a training designer or improving your existing skills?

The Training Designers' Club offers exclusive resources, tools, and a supportive community to help you achieve your goals. To give you a taste of the quality of resources included in VIP membership, here's a selection of webinars and workshops that cover a range of topics relevant to training design.

12 Ways To Bring Virtual Training To Life

12 simple ways to encourage interaction and engagement in virtual training sessions

10 Practical Tips for Designing Virtual Training

10 practical things that VIP members of the Training Designer's Club have learned about designing and delivering effective virtual training sessions.

4 Pillars Of Training Design

If you find training design hard work, go back to basics, follow a process and it will be so much easier!

Overcome The Challenges Of Virtual Training Design

If you find designing virtual training a bit of a challenge, this webinar will give you practical tips to make things easier and help take the pain away, or perhaps re-assure you that you're doing OK.

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