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Discover The Secret To Smarter Training Design

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep up with the demands of your role as a trainer, facilitator, or learning designer?

Does it feel like there's never enough time in the day to focus on what truly matters - facilitating, coaching, and working strategically?

If so, you're not alone. Lack of time is one of the most common and persistent issues for trainers, facilitators, and learning designers. With a never-ending to-do list and competing priorities, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stretched thin. Instead of being able to fully immerse yourself in the art of facilitation and coaching, you find yourself bogged down with administrative tasks, content creation, and logistical coordination. This leaves little time for personal growth, strategic planning, or developing innovative approaches to training design.

This constant struggle can feel endless, stifling creativity and strategic thinking.

But what if I told you that by using AI effectively you can save at least 25% of the time you’d normally spend on training design (and maybe as much as 50%), without compromising on quality?

Rapid advancements in AI technology have created exciting opportunities to streamline processes and free up valuable time.

Imagine if you could wave goodbye to the constant struggle of being up against the clock. No more rushing through your training design process, sacrificing quality for speed. Instead, you're effortlessly embracing the latest technology, leveraging its power to save precious hours each day.

With this self-paced course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to confidently leverage AI tools and techniques, so that you can streamline your design process, create engaging content, and free up more time for what truly matters – facilitating, coaching, and working strategically. 

Hi, I'm Sheridan, Your Host

and creator of the 'Save Time with AI Assisted Training Design' course. As an experienced training designer, I understand the time-consuming nature of training design – hours spent on research, content organisation, and activity creation.

I’m all about making design quicker, easier and less stressful and this course addresses these challenges by making artificial intelligence (AI) accessible and user-friendly for trainers, facilitators, and learning designers.

This course is a practical guide to integrating AI into your training design, allowing you to cut the time you need to design without cutting corners. It follows best practice training design processes and shows you when and how to use AI to good effect.

It’s NOT a tech course – it’s a training design course, and I won’t overwhelm you with technical jargon or features that you don’t need.

So whether you're a busy trainer aiming to streamline your process without losing quality, or curious about how AI can transform your training design, this course is for you. 

"I've been using ChatGPT for a while and using some of these tips certainly levels it up - having clarity on step-by-step process really helps"


This Course Is Ideal For You If:

  • You’re a busy L&D professional who don’t have enough space in their diary to give training design the time it deserves, so often works evening and weekends.
  • You’re a freelance consultant who doesn’t get paid (or paid much) for the design and development of your workshops and want to maximise your earnings.
  • You struggle to get started with training design or find yourself going around in circles through lack of focus.
  • You want to embrace the latest technology but not get overwhelmed by it.

And You Want To:

  • Reduce the time you send designing training by at least 25% (and maybe 50%) without compromising quality.
  • Make sure that your training is up-to-date Innovate and get fresh ideas to include in your training
  • Reduce development time without compromising quality
  • Reduce your stress levels by letting AI share your workload
  • Spend more time doing what adds most value (which ISN’T typing!) 

What To Expect When You Sign Up?

Master the art of efficient training design

This 7-module self-paced course offers practical lessons to streamline your training design process and create impactful learning experiences. 

Tailor your learning journey to suit your needs

Choose from a mix of core and optional lessons to focus on topics that interest you and enhance your specific training design skills.

Unleash the power of AI in your training design

Learn to leverage AI effectively and efficiently through clear demonstrations designed to enhancing your training design process.

Instantly access expertly crafted prompts

Get started with ready-to-use or customisable prompts, speeding up your content creation process.

Transfer your learning with easy-to-follow guides

Put learning into practice with guides that break down key concepts into actionable steps.

Get answers and guidance from peers

Get live support via our discussion forum, providing personalised guidance and insights.

"It's really nice to have everything explained in a straightforward, non-techy way. I can realy see how this will help my training design"


What's Included?

"Loads of practical tips that I can use straight away - Thanks"




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plus VAT

Exclusive Launch Offer Ends  29th February 2024

00 Days


That depends what you mean by the term 'instructional designer'. The course assumes you are designing LIVE (face to face and virtual) training, and the examples relate to this. however, many of the lessons are relevant to other forms of training design as it follows the 5 Ds so is quite transferrable.

No. This is YOUR course. You decide which lessons are relevant to you. Plus you can complete them in whatever order you like.

There's a community chat function that I encourage you to use to ask questions and share your learning. Of course VIP members can ask questions in our community and regular meetings as well.

That depends. You probably won't learn anything new about using ChatGPT, so if that's what you want, this probably isn't the course for you. However, if you've never been taught how to design training, and what to pick up some tips about good training design practice, you still might find it helpful.

Absolutely, this is a TRAINING DESIGN course that helps you to follow good practice and use AI tools to speed things up. We aren't creating programmers here - the course is BY a practitioner, FOR practitioners. 

To complete the course, no. But to apply the learning you will need to set up a free ChatGP account (or have access to a similar tool such as MS CoPilot. This is very easy to do, and instructions are provided at the start of the course. And it's important that you are able to apply the learning, or you won't get the benefits you've signed up for!

The course is a one-off payment. VIP membership of the Training Designer's Club is a monthly or annual subscription. Being a VIP member allows you to enrol on this (and all other courses) for a significant discount. However, once you've paid for this, you won't be charged again.

Once you've got access, you've got it for life and that includes any updates and additions that are made later on.

No. This is a practical course about a practical (and ever-changing) tool. there's no assessment and you do what you want to do to give your the benefits you want. There is a certificate of completion if you work through every section though, which you can use to document CPD.

Exclusive Launch Offer Ends  29th February 2024

00 Days

"Even though I've used ChatGPT before, these tips are really helpful"