Plan An Effective Training Session

Even if you do have experience and find training design difficult, demoralising or draining too much time, following this process will allow you to stop getting distracted and be laser focused on designing a training session that delivers results. Chances are you never been trained in how to DESIGN training, only how to deliver it, so take a step back and learn what goes on behind the scenes of a great session.

Say Goodbye To Spending Days And Weeks Designing A Training Course

You may be an experienced facilitator who's never actually documented your training sessions before, but find you now need to - either to get sign off from key decision makers or to hand over to other facilitators. You need to demonstrate how great your training is BEFORE the event itself .

You may find it difficult to design a session, or feel that it takes WAY too long because you are always getting side-tracked. Maybe you just struggle to decide exactly what you should include in a training session and what you should leave out.

Or perhaps you're a Subject Matter Expert who's been asked to share your expertise with others in a formal training session. Fantastic! But you don't know where to begin. What if you bore them? Overwhelm them? Pitch it wrong? Lose track? You want to ooze credibility and deliver a session that really enlightens those who attend.

This course takes a very practical approach to designing training that takes you from defining your learning objectives, through deciding on your content, selecting the right mix of training methods and creating that all important training outline. It's not about learning the theory, but creating a detailed training plan that you can use to get buy-in for your learning solutions AND keep you on track during detailed design. It is relevant for both face-to-face AND virtual training sessions.

This course is for you if...

You are a subject matter expert who has been asked to train people in your area of expertise
if you need to get the buy-in of key stakeholders before starting to design a learning event
find that designing workshops takes far too long (and you are forever getting distracted)
if you need to make sure that you aren't wasting your time creating a development programme by stimulating interest in it BEFORE you start
if you are just new to designing training and don't know where to start.

What's Included?


Comprehensive video tutorials that explain How To Design An Effective Training Workshop in a clear and concise manner, allowing you to see and hear the concepts in action.


Practical exercises designed to help you apply your learning straight away, so that you can practice the concepts in a real-world context, to solidify your understanding and build your confidence.


Downloadable guide specifically designed to help you apply the learning to your training design. These materials are an excellent resource for reinforcing your learning and ensuring that you are applying the concepts correctly.


A valuable collection of sample outlines that demonstrate how to your learning can be applied to different types of training sessions. Providing you with concrete examples of how your learning can be applied in the real world will ultimately help you to become a more effective and successful training designer.       


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your training design process, with customisable templates. An excellent resource for saving you time and streamlining your design process with a pre-made framework that you can adapt to your specific needs, which ultimately leads to better learning outcomes for your participants.

Course Content

Everything You Need To Know To
Plan An Effective Training Session
For Just

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training module. It was engaging, thought-provoking and relevant. The structure of the course allows you to plan a training session in real time. I will definitely be looking at completing courses in future” 

KATE - HR Consultant


You should set aside around 3 hours to complete the course, which includes watching the video tutorials and completing the short exercises and reflections questions. You don’t need to complete it all in one go, and you can revisit lessons as often as you like. 

The course is perfect for you if you need to get approval for your training from senior managers or a client before you run it.

You’ll be able to follow a robust process for training design that will result in you creating a well-thought-out course outline which you can submit for approval AND that you can use as a blue-print for more detailed design, making the whole process quicker, easier and less stressful. 

No – the course is for you to use as you see fit. It’s not about passing a test, it’s about discovering how to design quality training quickly. However, I do recommend that you have a course in mind to work on throughout the course to allow you to apply learning straight away and get work done as you learn.

No – because there is no test, there’s no accreditation. 

The principles are applicable to live (in person), live (virtual) AND e-learning courses. However, it is delivered assuming that you’re going to be delivering a live event. It’s a good foundation for e-learning design but it won’t cover any technical things that you may need to consider if this is what you’ll be designing. 

I’m afraid not. Please watch the three first lessons to make sure it’s going to be right for you, and contact me if you have any further questions. 

The course is a self-directed course, but you can ask any questions you have in the Training Designer’s Club Facebook group. Or become a VIP and get easy access to me and other L&D professionals when you need it. 

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