Design Engaging Virtual Training

Whether you're a seasoned trainer looking to adapt your skills to the virtual environment or a new trainer looking to build your expertise from the ground up, this selection of resources will teach you the essential skills and strategies you need to design and deliver effective virtual training that engages and inspires your learners.

Adapt Your Design Skills For The Virtual Environment

Do you have to deliver training virtually (but you're NOT a techie)?
Are you worried that without investing loads of money, your virtual training sessions will be dull?
Are you keen to build in the same value into virtual training as you do in face-to-face sessions?
Do you feel pressured to pack your virtual training with as much variety as possible or risk losing the attention of your delegates?
Are you worried that by focusing too much on the tech, you won't be able to give your delegates the attention they deserve?    

Worry no more.

The Training Designer's Club has helped dozens of people adapt and design virtual training, and this selection of resources will help you do the same. 

"Sheridan is an expert in training design and delivery and has an absolute goldmine of training resources available which has given me the confidence I've needed to design and deliver my own workshops"


What's Included?


A 15 minute narrated presentation that explains 12 FREE tools that you already have available to you that you can use in a virtual training session to engage participants and encourage interactive learning WITHOUT having to register with loads of external applications or spend a whole load of money. 


Video that shares 10 top tips for designing virtual training based on actual experiences of those who have learned to do it recently. So it's all REAL WORLD learning. Nothing theoretical here! 


And if videos aren't your thing, there's a couple of practical podcast episodes that you can listen to to help you along whether you're new to designing virtual training or looking for ways to add a little more shzam to your sessions

Everything You Need To Know To
Design Engaging Virtual Training
For Just

"Even though I'm an experienced trainer, I picked up some great ideas from this course that will help me to design more efficiently and confidently"



This isn’t a course as such. Just a collection of resources that might help you when designing a virtual training session.

It’s for you if you’re used to working in a face-to-face environment and are lacking confidence in transitioning to a virtual environment. 

I’m afraid not. Please watch the three first lessons to make sure it’s going to be right for you, and contact me if you have any further questions. 

The content is a self-directed, but you can ask any questions you have in the Training Designer’s Club Facebook group. Or become a VIP and get easy access to me and other L&D professionals when you need it. 

Take Your Training To The Next Level

All the guidance you need to Design Engaging Virtual Training in no time at all for just £10!