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Discover How To Create Immersive Experiences That Have Real Impact

Are you finding it harder to really make an impact with learners? I totally get it. As the community manager of The Training Designer’s Club, I know all about the struggle of keeping them engaged in today's tech-led world whether you’re training face to face or virtually. Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

We simply need to make sure that the content speaks to them on a personal level, and help them to take ownership of their learning. This way they’ll be more engaged and therefore more motivated to apply learning and make a difference (which is what we all want, right?) But let's face it, distractions are everywhere these days. It's tough to compete.

That's why it’s so important to engage the heart as well as the head. It’s not enough that they know what to do; they have to want to do it AND feel confident that they CAN do it.

Spoiler alert – we won’t achieve that through presentation-based training, even if you do throw in a few discussions and polls. Meaningful learning needs emotional connection as well as practical information. It's about providing that immersive experience that really makes an impact.

Join Us For Our Live In-Person Learning Event

If you're ready to reinvigorate your training practice, join us between 10.00am and 4.00pm on Monday 17th June 2024 in Warrington for our first ever live in-person event.

We will be exploring what it means to engage the heart in training, and learn useful techniques from each other, in a highly interactive day of learning and sharing.


Monday June 17th 2024


Mersey Valley Golf Club, WA8 3XL

Learn To Design Personal & Relevant Learning Journeys

Picture a world where Learning and Development professionals like you truly captivate learners through engaging events that spark genuine curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and lead to real behaviour change.

It’s all about making learning journeys personal and relevant to learners, carefully selecting content and make learning stick by designing engaging experiences that allow participants to gain confidence and transfer their learning.

When we design so participants (not content) takes centre stage, we will see a real shift in measurable outcomes. This isn't just a dream—it's a transformative reality for Learning and Development. 

Why Join Us?

Explore Impactful Learning Strategies

Connect with Fellow L&D Professionals

Enhance Your Training Impact

Join us for an exciting 1-day LIVE event (10.00am - 4.00pm)n on Monday 17th June 2024 in Warrington, especially for Learning and Development Practitioners keen to come together to share their experience, learn from each other and enhance their training impact.

I guarantee you’ll come away with lots of new ideas to engage your learners and enhance your training toolkit. It’s going to be a very interactive day where you'll explore impactful learning strategies with your peers and take away practical tools to create learning experiences that truly stick and drive tangible results. Don't miss out. There are LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE — secure your spot now!

Hi, I'm Sheridan

Owner of the Training Designer’s Club.

In our community discussions and weekly Designer Drop-Ins, two questions keep popping up: What should I include in my training session? and How can I bring this to life? And of course, both these questions are crucial when designing effective training experiences.

Of course we can use AI to suggest content, but we all know that content alone won't drive real behaviour change. To truly make an impact, we've got to engage not just people's heads but also their hearts. That means providing real insight, showing them how the learning benefits them personally, and guiding them on applying it in their own lives.

That's what’s behind our first ever in-person event: Engage the Heart through Training Design. After hosting two successful virtual Design Festivals, I responded to requests for a face-to-face event where people can connect and learn in a truly interactive way. This event is the perfect platform for our community to share knowledge and experience while embracing the unique opportunities of in-person training.

So, if you're eager to enhance learning transfer, refresh your training toolkit, and deeply engage your participants, join us at Engage the Heart through Training Design. Together, let's create learning experiences that not only educate minds but also touch hearts and drive real results. 

"Having this whole hive of knowledge and experience to bounce ideas around with is so valuable,  
as I'm the ONLY L&D person within my organisation"


This Is For You If...

You're facing challenges in designing and implementing engaging training programmes.

You're seeking ways to refresh your training toolkit and increase learner engagement.

You want to make learning more personalised, relevant, and impactful.

You're struggling to make learning stick and motivate learners to apply what they've learned.

You need innovative techniques to engage employees in modern working environments.

You want to improve the transfer of learning from live events and justify training investments.

You're involved in talent development and want practical strategies to drive tangible results. 

During The Day You Will

Explore techniques to customise training content to deliver powerful moments of truth in the learning journey, making learning more personalised and relevant

Discover how to create an engaging learning environment that motivates learners to apply what they've learned and achieve tangible outcomes, leading to real-world results.

Have the opportunity to build your network, update your skills, gain new insights, and explore creative techniques to refresh your training design and facilitation toolkit, ultimately increasing engagement in learning sessions

Learn how to enhance learning retention and application, ensuring that knowledge and skills are effectively transferred to the workplace, making learning stick

Gain insights to persuade stakeholders about the importance of experiential learning and the limitations of short, content-based modules

Have the opportunity to build your network, update your skills, gain new insights, and explore creative techniques to refresh your training design and facilitation toolkit, ultimately increasing engagement in learning sessions

"I've learned practical tips on designing effectively and my confidence in this area has drastically improved. Having a safe space to share my ideas, successes and failures is invaluable"


Want To Truly Make A Difference In Your Learners' Development?

Join us to focus on Engaging the Heart through Training Design.
Here’s why you should join us

  • Unlock the power of moments of truth to ensure training has real impact at every key stage of the learning journey.
  • Make a lasting impact by ensuring knowledge sticks and is applied long after the training ends. 
  • Spark motivation and spur action by showing how learning directly translates to real-world results.
  • Dive into innovative methods that keep learners engaged in modern work environments.
  • Win over stakeholders by demonstrating the value of comprehensive learning experiences over quick fixes. 


Invest in your professional growth. Reserve your spot now and take advantage of our early bird discount of £50 off.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your training design skills and create impactful learning experiences.


All prices subject to VAT
Lunch Included
VIP members get an extra £50 off
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We begin at 10.00am and will finish at 4.00pm

No – food will be provided. I’ll be asking about dietary requirements a couple of weeks before the event.

No – all L&D practitioners are welcome. We are exploring ways to build engagement in live learning events so if that’s relevant to you, you’re welcome to attend!

You may cancel up to 2 weeks before the event and will be refunded 75% of your fee. If you cancel with less notice than 2 weeks, I’m afraid there’s no refund as there are set costs that need to be covered. Should I cancel or the venue be unable to honour its booking, you will be refunded.

Yes! Once you are enrolled, you can join the chat on the website. Please find out who else is coming along and grow your network. It will help make the day itself even more valuable.

No – this is an in person event. We do have virtual events throughout the year that you can attend.

No. If you need advice regarding local hotels, I’m happy to suggest a few that are close by.

Early Booking Discount Ends 3rd May 2024

00 Days