Clean language is a very specific approach used in coaching. Master practitioner Angela Dunbar ran a half-day session for some of our coaches to hone their skills in this powerful technique. During the session, participants learned:

✅ how Clean Language questions can help the coachee to discover their own creative solutions without the coach needing to offer suggestions or advice
✅ to explore your own response to a Clean Language question about your coaching style
✅ a simple framework to bring Clean Language questions into your future coaching sessions
✅ how to use Clean Language so as you can develop a cleaner approach to your coaching in future, especially when you and/or the coachee feel stuck

You can watch the whole session and work along with the exercises to develop your own skills.

Here's what those attending the training said...

"Powerful questions that help others to go deep and generate new thinking"
"It was super useful. Simple and really not easy!"
"Clean language questions help you to go deeper and deeper and go beyond the conscious level (ideas and solutions already known to you) and access a level of thinking that will help you to go forward"
"Today has been like an exciting rollercoaster!"
"Fascinating, like being on the precipice of something amazing."

Learn how using Clean Language can transform your coaching sessions

Take Your Coaching To The Next Level

Learn alongside your peers at your own pace and incorporate clean language into your coaches toolbox